big girl’s blouse

n chicken (as in person who is afraid, not as in bird). Exclusively applied to men: After we’d had a couple of beers we all jumped off the bridge into the lake, except Andy, who turned out to be a big girl’s blouse.

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1 thought on “big girl’s blouse”

  1. Hello and thank you for making me laugh. Not out loud, but laugh.
    I am a Brit living abroad in California and came across this whilst (!) looking for a definition of Blagger, the name of a TV Pilot I am writing but for the UK/US market. I also needed to know the difference between a blagger and a ligger. Anyway, got lost on your website, which made me miss England. Good to know that the Brits are still self-effacing and full of self-mockery. Anyway, I feel you should add the word GUNT to your collection, which is cross between a GUT and a C U Next Thursday. Female use obviously. Also, how good it would be to define the difference of words used by class. For example, I cannot abide people who say Plaaarrrrrstic instead of Plastic. In an effort to appear upper crust, this resides in the suburbs of Surrey, therefore failing.
    Amanda Peppe

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