About the Site and Author

This site is written and maintained by Chris Rae, a comparatively unattractive man whose one great achievement in life has so far to have had his Twitter account homepage appear as the #1 Google result for “sad napper”. And these days that isn’t even true. He lives in Seattle, Washington, where he supplements his worthless book sales by doing computer stuff. Although suggestions come almost entirely from site readers, Chris still writes all the definitions himself and therefore feels he can justify selling them in a book. If you feel like this isn’t enough information, Chris has a personal homepage where there isn’t really all that much more information, but it should at least keep you occupied for five minutes.

I’ll stop talking about myself in the third person now. It somehow feels wrong to act as if this site is run by a staff of thousands. This site has existed for many, many years – I first created it as a single HTML page listing words, back in 1997. Since then it’s gone through a few technological iterations and seen many words come and go.

I do read all the feedback I get – I don’t respond to all of it (unless you buy a book, in which case I am a changed man) but it will all work its way into the site eventually, one way or another. Without input from the great unwashed, this would certainly be a much less useful page.